Two Tourist Sites Plus One Eatery in Pathum Thani Province


If you’re looking for tourist sites near Bangkok, like places you can go for one-day outings, Pathum Thani Province is an interesting province close to Bangkok. Both sides of the way are still lined with orchards, rice paddies and old-style homes along the canals. Pathum Thani Province is also the location of a major technological site: the National Science Museum. The museum building is an eye-catching cube shape featuring exhibitions of science, technology and the environment on six floors inside. The National Science Museum also contains childhood memories for many people.

Next, we come to Bangkhan-Sathaneevithayu Road with an attractive Thai-style building visible in the distance. This is the site of the Supreme Artist Hall, a site for learning and intellectual treasures built on five rai of state-owned land and under the Department of Fine Arts. The Supreme Artist Hall was built in honor of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of His Majesty’s reign and as a center for showcasing His Majesty the King’s royal genius in art and culture for use as guidelines in research on the subject in addition to displaying the achievements of national artists to raise awareness of value and support the preservation of national art and cultural heritage. For anyone passing by Bangkhan-Sathaneevithayu Road, the Supreme Artist Hall is another excellent treasure trove of knowledge and the many achievements of Thailand’s national artists.

Now that we’re done with our day of sightseeing, let’s stop for a bite to eat in this neighborhood. On the way, if we search for information on Google Maps, we can see a large green patch on the map. Not far from this area is Alpine Golf Club. Once we click to see information on Google, we’ll find that this place provides only golf course services, but also restaurants with a great atmosphere and a view of the golf course inside. With cuisine-wise, many styles and tastes are offered. Prices are similar to ordinary shopping malls or, if anyone likes to chill out and enjoy the golf course’s green and shady atmosphere, there are many coffee and beverage menus. If you’re in the area, Alpine Golf Club is an interesting choice for people who would enjoy a new setting.