Top 3 Best Rated Golf Shoes of 2019


No. 1 Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

New Balance Men’s NBG2004

The NBG2004 has great waterproofing and a two-year waterproof guarantee. This makes these shoes the best option for rainy weather and damp areas. The spikes, two at the back and five under the foot, create a surprisingly stable sole and gives a natural feel at almost every surface coupled with a shock-absorbing innovation. Furthermore, the shoes have REVlite technology at the midsole that innovates the foam, making the shoes light and giving them great underfoot shock absorption.

No. 1 Best and Most Worthwhile Golf Shoes for the Money in Your Pocket

Adidas Men’s Tech Response

When compared with the quality, this golf shoe model has the most attractive price.
The upper parts of the shoes are made from microfiber and a woven material called Climastorm, allowing these shoes to breathe better than compared to their competitors. Moreover, Climastorm’s materials are lightweight and durable. What is more, Tech Response 4.0 implements the bounce-foam technology at the midsole for shock absorption. The toe caps are rounder and larger than most golf shoes in the market, facilitating movement for golfers.

No.1 Best Overall Golf Shoes

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Elite 2

A distinctive feature for the Go Golf Elite 2 is that, although it is spike-less, it has an incredible waterproofing ability, even in a wet situation or a heavy rain. This is combined with the 5GEN insole innovation, one of the best innovations for comfort compared to competitors. The soles are made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) molded into studs instead of rubber and covers the entire bottom of the shoes. Therefore, the Go Golf Elite 2 gives you good balance on uneven ground. Next is the tongue which is similar to a thin cushion, adding stability to the lightweight strings and comfort to your feet. In addition, the U-shaped heel lock design adds space in the shoes yet still maintains stability for your swing.