New Rules for Golfer 2019


New Rules for Golfer 2019, you absolutely need to know! Since the implement of new golf rules has started on 1 January 2019 by the R&A and the USGA. There are 12 major changes that you absolutely need to know for the benefit of your game!

1. No penalty for accidentally moving ball on the putting green or when searching for it except if it is intention or certain purposes.

2. No penalty for merely touching a line of play on the green.

3. A golfer no longer needs to attend or remove the flagstick when putting including to there is no penalty if a player hits an unattended flagstick in the hole.

4. Pike marks can be repaired by golfers as well as other damage on the putting green.

5. Once the ball has been marked, lifted and replaced that will now act as a ‘stop’ point. If the ball moves thereafter natural force (wind, water, etc.) then a player is entitled to put the back back on that spot.

6. Water hazards becomes penalty areas exclude only ponds, lakes and streams.

7. A golfer can touch or move loose impediments and touch the sand with their hand or club but it need not to improve conditions for next stroke.

8. A golfer is allowed to take a drop outside of the bunker for the penalty of two strokes.

9. Golfers are required to drop the ball from knee height rather than shoulder height.

10. No penalty for double-hitting a shot.

11. No penalty for ball accidentally strikes golfers or their caddies.

12. Golfers are allowed only three minutes to search for a strayed golf ball.

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