5 Easy tips to build your confidence for your game


If you want to reach new levels in your play, ‘confidence’ is a key !
It is a feeling you tell yourself that you can succeed. This voice in your head makes your golf a lot easier and gives you better access to your best swings. Let’s build your confidence before the game!

1) Remember past successes

Remind yourself of moments you’ve had success on the course, by using imagery before you play.


2) Realistically set a plan

Figure out where are you going and how step can you go there? Then, create short and long term goals plan. During the way to reach the goal, hitting short-term goals continuously will build confidence.


3) Look at failure in a positive way.

Legendary players see failure as a reminder of what they need to do to get better. You could fall down many times along the way to the goal, but you have long-term goal, right? so you have a plenty of times to keep getting up. Embrace the ups and downs as part of the journey to better.


4) Well prepared

Don’t forget to rest enough, eat good food and warm up properly before rounds.

5) Notice a body language

Studies have shown that mood and confidence is affected by your posture. Walking tall with shoulders back is a power pose. Don’t be looking down in a weak posture.