How to avoid 5 common golf injuries


How to avoid 5 common golf injuries

Although golf is a low impact sport, golf is not without its risks. Like all sports that repetitively force the player. Here are five common golfer injuries and how to avoid them.


1. Low back pain

An incorrect swing makes your low back painful since the posture of golfer can cause strain on tendons and muscles in the back. So, when starting, make sure that you have proper mechanics in your golf swing. Also proper stretching, exercise and work on stability can help relieve your lower back pain.

2. Tendinitis in the elbow

The inflammation and irritation to the tendons is the most frequently effecting the elbow because of an improper swing motion. ‘Tennis elbow’ refers to the the injury of the outer tendon, while ‘golf elbow refers to the injury of the inner tendon. Hence, improving swing techniques and promote muscle strength can prevent both sorts of tendinitis. And don’t forget to rest the injured tendon to allow healing.


3. Wrist injury

A high risk of this pain comes from repetitive motion and high speed of the typical swing. Strength and conditioning training is a major key to prevent injury or you might take a break from golf for a week so to let yourself heal.


4. Shoulder pain

Repeated stress from swinging especially faults in your swing cause undue stress on the shoulder and create irritation. So, increasing flexibility in your shoulder muscles by proper stretching can help. Strength and endurance exercises are essential as well to maintain your healthy shoulder.


5. Knee pain

Due to you stabilize the rotation of the hip axis at the beginning of a swing and your knee bares most of the body’s weight, so it is putting a lot of stress and strain on your knee. Hence, before heading out for a round, gently stretching your calves, hamstrings, thighs, and core muscles as well as wearing quality shoes with good arch support will help you a lot.