Alpine Golf Club held the Club Member Activity 2019 in theme of “Be Alpine Guest” for Alpine members and guests.

It was a team tournament with score calculated using Stoke Play at Hole 1 to Hole 9 (Individual score)

and Scramble system at Hole 10 – Hole 18 (Team score).


The Alpine Best Pair of this match were Mrs.Yoko Kawaguchi and Mr. Yasushi Tano.


For the Team 1st Runner Up were Mr. Ilsun Chee and Mr.Kyun Jong Lee,


For the Team 2nd Runner Up were Mr. Chinnaphat Mongkolsittichot and Ms. Laddawan Nattawong,


and the Best Costume with sweetie pink themes were Mrs. Wilairat Thongra-ar and Mr. Saksid Bunyawath.