60 days checklist before a wedding happens!


In your dream, the perfect wedding could be planned at least 6 months to a year. But what happens when your real life cannot have enough time like a dream. Here’s a list of what’s truly essential to accomplish your unique wedding within 2 months!

Seeking for a helper.
If you are too busy to do it yourself, let the wedding planners do! Because they don’t do this at the first time so they will go quickly.

Who are your guest?
Start working on invitation within 8 weeks before. You can use online channel to broadcast your informal invitation as soon as possible and survey how many of them are coming. It helps you to estimate the number of guest as well.

What to dress up?
Don’t leave it until last minute because most tailor-made dresses take at least one month. You could go buy or rent vintage or once wed-dress instead.

DIY by friends
If you have many talented friends, let’s them join! Professional photographer could be your friend. Creative one designs your invitation card and the ceremonial venue. Baking lover help you to make unique wedding cake. Not only you can save time but also money!

Where is the venue?
It’s common that all your dream hotels book up a year in advance. However, a nice place is not limited with the hotel. Why don’t you ever think about Alpine Golf Club? We have a clubhouse featuring a large banquet hall with greenery landscape surrounding and all fully services and facilities are provided. It is also convenience since your guest don’t need to stuck in Bangkok traffic and can come easily to the club house where it has a huge parking.

Be open to looking at the place you might not have originally considered!

Let us provide your perfect wedding package with our professional team. Then you will be free to relax and enjoy your special day in complete confidence.
For more detail, please contact Alpine golf club (Tel. 025773333 #115)