4 Steps to improve your laser focus before the shot


“How do I not lose focus for golf and hold it for all 18 holes?”, Have you ever questioned to yourself? As golf is a long game and many golfers fail several strokes because of their careless mental mistake. A concentration practice tremendously helps golfers before hitting a shot. Here are 4 steps to ensure your laser focus!

Step 1: Being in the “Present”
Observe and stay with what are surrounding you. Try to notice the following:

The sounds: anything you can hear such as birdsong, the wind, lawn-mowers

The sights: notice what you see without thinking about it such as the clouds moving, the color of the trees, the grass
Touch: the feel of the ground beneath your feet, the feel of your breaths.

Don’t forget to turn your phone off: technology is arguably the biggest challenge to staying present. So, be free of emails and social media updates.

Step 2: Control emotion
If you’re playing under pressure, you can easily get carried away with your thoughts and find yourself regretting. Those will affect your mental and your movement during the shot. So, put negatives behind you!

Step 3: Clear shot routine

it’s easy to lose focus, if you don’t know exactly what the steps are that you’ll be taking during the 1-2 mins of the shot routine. You need a clear shot routine during every shot!

Step 4: Powerful breathing

Between shots, practice your meditation. Keeps your brain oxygenated by breathing slowly. It can lower your heart rate and controls your stress response.

Try these 4 steps, so you can make a proper decision for the shot.